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  • ​Sleep
  • ​Food, Drink and Supplements
  • ​Exercise and Breathing
  • Home Facial How-To's
  • ​Skin care product 411

Beautiful skin comes from a combination of what we put on our skin and what we put in our body.⁠

Meet the Author:
Alyssa Van Doorn

  • ​Experience - 10 years, professional natural skin care formulator
  • ​Bachelor of Science - Biology. University of Wisconsin. Magna Cum Laude.
  • ​Holistic Integrative Aromatherapy Certification. National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy.
  • ​Certified in natural skin care formulation, hair care and bath and body formulation.
  • ​Member - Society of Cosmetic Chemists
  • ​Member - Association of Holistic Aromatherapists
  • ​Member - Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild

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